Clean & Proud is a not for profit company.

Profit from sales will be put towards the continuation our recycling project. Once these costs have been covered, if funds from donations are not sufficient, profits will be used to continue our outreach and awareness campaigns and the nursery. After which, any remaining profit will go towards the expansion of our recycling possibilities.


Future projects include :
  • Biogas digester to run the workshop – we received a grant from Treadright of $2,500 to make this possible.
  • Developping a heat press to become more efficient way of processing the single use plastic waste we are currently recycling. We will need help and advice from engineers for this project. If you are an engineer and wish to discover Malawi for a couple of months whilst helping us develop such machinery, contact us via email.
  • Setting up collection points in various areas to collect recyclables we can deal with. Waste will be purchased by Clean & Proud from anyone dropping it off by the kilogram. 
  • Purchasing new machinery to recycle PET plastic bottles.