Clean & Proud

Our main mission is to rid plastic waste littering the urban and rural environment by recycling this waste into a long-life material with which we create our beautiful, vibrant fashion products through our sustainable brand C&P.
Addressing plastic waste management
How practical is plastic?
So practical that is has become one of the main materials produced today. But so cheap and easy to produce, it is more often than not, reproduced rather than recycled, thrown away rather than put in the bin, and has become an element of the African landscape. We want to tackle this issue.
This is why we have designed products that are handcrafted to help consumers comfortably reduce their single use plastic consumption.
Our first branch was set up in Mzuzu, Malawi, where over 200,000 single use plastic bags have been collected all over the city in less than 8 months. All of which have been processed and made into our new fashion accessory products.
Working with the local community
Through our working model, we plan to help deal with the high unemployment rates in Mzuzu.
We provide training for the unskilled, and an income, giving this demographic a chance to pay their way in society.
Women empowerment is one of our main targets. Out of our 8 permanent staff, 6 are women. To help them work whilst fulfilling
the duties they are traditionally expected to do, we offer part-time work and provide a nursery for their children at the workshop.
To change the attitude towards plastic for the future, we also conduct outreach and awareness campaigns in local schools.
Recycling sustainably
Our recycling process relies on electricity, though sadly blackouts and power outages are a common occurence in Malawi.
In 2021, we will be installing a biogas digester to power our workshop, thus tackling the electricity shortages Malawi faces, and thereby increasing our recycling capacity.
And on top of it, this will make us carbon neutral ! We owe this new acquisition to the Treadright’s generous funding.