Clean & Proud, a Franco-Malawian association

Clean & Proud kicks off in 2018, when two environment and ecology enthusiasts living in Malawi sit together to once again talk about the problem of plastic waste littering the streets and nature of this country they love it so much. It was that evening that they decided to act against pollution.
With a small amount of cash they had on hand and the help of a partially successful crowdfunding campaign, Beatrice and George set out to create machines to recycle all that plastic polluting Malawi. But they fail to operate these machines to their full potential. It was at this moment that they came across this simple and effective technique on the net to heat-seal single-use plastic waste (such as packaging and plastic bags) together to create a durable and practical material. Eureka!
Since then, Clean & Proud has strived to create and produce wonderful eco-friendly and ethical products, handmade with always a little African touch to warm the hearts.
The team in Malawi cleans up the local environment in Mzuzu, collects plastic waste from households and businesses. After cleaning it, they recycle this waste into long-life plastic sheets. Two tailors then take up the challenge of creating attractive products from this newly recycled plastic.
However, this was not enough for the two founders. They were of the opinion that removing waste from the environment and recycling it does not put a stop to the culture of single use and the attitude towards such waste. That is why they have undertaken to organize awareness campaigns in local schools.
And what is the best way to subsidize this project? Beatrice and George set out to create a French association based in Sommières in order to financially support the Malawian project through the sale of products and the generosity of donors, but also in order to pass their message to decisive future generations, in schools. : we must reduce our plastic consumption, think about what we consume and especially sort our waste in order to recover it.
Finally, they have chosen to act socially. In addition to offering a stable job, a balanced and nutritious meal and a fair salary to each member of the team, they have opened a nursery. Indeed, by observing the women with whom they work on a daily basis, they realized the need to create a space where their employees with can bring their children who are not schooled yet. They also provide breast pumps, powdered milk, porridge and fruit so that children receive a healthy and balanced diet. It is with these missions and hopes in mind that they tirelessly continue this not for profit project. Join them in their efforts to protect the environment and the citizens of Malawi.
They need you !
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