The founders

Both founders, George Berthon and Beatrice Engström are passionate about nature, protecting the environment and wilderness conservation. When they came to Malawi, where they were working, the issue of plastic pollution struck them and they decided to make it their goal to find a solution to this problem. 
They had it at heart to build a responsible, ethical organisation. They developed, with personal funding, a purpose-driven non-profit company which strives to be self-sustaining. 
With George’s conservation background and Beatrice’s environmental background, they are ideally suited to push such a sustainably-driven company to achieve true change. 
“Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges we face in the 21st century and it is predicted to substantially increase in future. Developed countries which have the capacity to deal with their own plastic waste are failing dramatically therefore how can one expect for countries which are less developed, such as Malawi, to deal with their own increasing waste? Clean & Proud has been set-up to try and address this issue.” G. Berthon
“When I first came to southern Africa, I fell in love with the cultures and people which populated its lands. But one feeling stuck beyond any other: how can people tolerate plastic waste to spoil such stunning nature and affect their health? This is how I decided I wanted to be a part of a solution to plastic pollution here. And how better to recycle single use plastic than to create a brand which reflects the warm heart of Africa?” B. Engström
Meet Annia Phiri
Annia has been working with C&P for over 2 years now and we would be lost without her.
She recycles the plastic into the new materials used by the tailors.
Meet Matrina Mwila
Matrina, our rock… She joined the team at the same time as Annia and has been our reliable multitasker. We are so grateful she is with us, always someone to count on! 
She is part of the fantastic team of collectors and washers, without whom plastic would litter even more the beautiful environment.