Our nursery

To help women to work with us, we have set up a nursery that allows women to bring
their young children to work before they are in age of attending school.
Empowering women
Having children and taking care of them is not an easy task when you are a working mother. The consequence is often that women do not enter the labour market, but rather remain working at home. To give them the opportunity to get out of the home and upskill, we opened a nursery in March 2020, where the babies are looked after whilst they work in the workshop close-by.
We currently welcome 2 of our staff’s babies : Francis and Lucy, whose little chirps make life at the office much nicer !
Food for babies
We offer a breast pump and a fridge mothers can use if they wish, enabling them to still feed their children breast milk. We currently
only have one pump to share between mothers. This can be quite time consuming and
strenuous (due to the time it takes to pump the milk and the time in between
If you own a manual breast pump which you do not use any longer or wish to donate a new one, contact us via email: cleanandproudmalawi@gmail.com
Our team of mothers would be extremely grateful!
We also offer to help with 50% of the costs for powdered milk for mothers who do not wish to use the breast pump.
Before offering to help with this extra cost for mothers, we observed babies were not being provided with healthy, nutritious milk and foods.
Therefore we also provide bananas and avocados every day for the babies eating solids and mothers are asked to bring porridge in daily.
Donations go towards:
  • the employment of our fantastic nanny, Lines. 
  • paying for 50% of the powdered milk.
  • buying fresh fruits and avocados every day.
Once these basic costs are covered, we wish to get two rocking cribs for young babies (another member of our staff is expecting a baby) and toys built by local carpenters.
We would also love to offer this service to our other staff members for any young children they are responsible for until children are old enough to go to school.