Our outreach and awareness project

No true change can come without awareness and education. Creating C&P products out of plastic waste is a wonderful adventure but the underlying problems cannot be solved unless the issue of plastic waste is properly addressed.
Clean & Proud has conducted 2 outreach and awareness campaigns in local schools and aim to conduct further campaigns in future. During these campaigns, students were taught about the harmfulness of plastic waste on their health and the environment. We discussed the correlation between littering plastic and high rates of malaria, the harmfulness of using plastic to light charcoal stoves (a very common issue in Malawi), amongst many other subjects. We also arranged with headmasters to set up bins to collect recyclable plastics in these schools. Sadly the schools have closed due to corona virus and this project has been put on hold.
Currently, 1% of every sale goes into this project. With further sales and donations, we will be able to reach more students and have a greater impact.
Each outreach and awareness campaign costs on average €20. This includes the costs of transport, lunch and the precious time of our outreach officer.